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Ford E-Series 15 passenger van rentals have been America's favorite extended van for 26 years running, providing travelers with unparalleled versatility and comfort. Driven by either a V8 or V10 engine, these ultra powerful passenger vans offer a variety of exciting mechanical and leisure features perfect for lengthy road trips and common commutes. Standard features on the E350 15 passenger can rentals include an AM/FM stereo system, multi-level climate control, dual front airbags and optional keyless entry. Most Image Van Rentals 15 passenger van rentals are also equipped with an ultra efficient cruise control system, an advanced anti-skid device and ultra powerful rear-wheel drive layout. No other line of 15 passenger van rentals can quite compare to the Ford E-Series van, so don't settle for just any model; come to the Image Van Rentals and reserve the genuine product today!


Conversion van rental are vehicles that are practical, versatile, comfortable, and economical for families or larger groups. They have plenty of room for comfort and storage space. Conversion rental vans come equipped with many amenities such as entertainment systems, raised roofs, and AWD. Van Conversions or Luxury Vans, as they are sometimes called, are made on Chevrolet, GMC, or Ford chassis with 1500, 2500, or 3500 ratings. Conversion vans are the best travel vans out there!

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What is it?
Producers of conversion van rentals take a top-ranked Ford, Chevy, or GMC van and customize it to your specifications. They are comparable to full-size SUVs, minivans, and full-size sedans in terms of handling, but have more room for everything, including amazing custom features. Conversion passenger vans are great when you are traveling with a large group because you can all travel together, not in separate cars, and you can make sure that your children will never be bored!

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Features are what makes conversion vans. Some of the features include LCD hi-definition TVs with surround sound and wireless headsets, game system hookups and dvd hookups. Everyone would enjoy a trip in one of our flat screen tv vans! Or, you can choose the interior: walnut wood décor, large power moon roofs, leather vans, cloth vans and electrically heated seats. GPS Navigation, XM radio, or even a power rear sofa that lets itself down so you can have additional storage or a place to nap are also features that may be found in these vans. Comfort is what conversion van rentals are made for. The roof can also be raised to add more room in the van. We have high top vans and low roof vans. Most manufacturers offer a wide selection of fabrics, carpeting, wall coverings, window treatments and trim to customize the interior design.

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 Extended Vans Are Great for Group Touring Travel in Florida

15 passenger vans are great for many groups and families in Fort Lauderdale Florida ||

i5 passenger vans are now available at select car rental companies in Fort Lauderdale FLL , WPB PBI Airport, Miami Airport and Orlando JFK Airports and Seaport.

You can accommodate 15 people including the driver or have the last seat taken out. You will lose 4 seating spaces but gain a very large storage space for personal luggage or any equipment you might need to take along.

Among recent renters we count families going to Disney World, families going to Family Reunions, families out on a picnic or going to a wedding. We have bands and schools and churches to name just a few corporate or organizational renters.

It is also possible to take more seats out and have even more space for equipment, but of course, less space for passengers.

July 31, 2008 by Florida Group Tour in New York, FL  rent a Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro Van Opel Vivaro Van Rental rent a Vauxhall Van Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro Vans For Rent rent a Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro Van New York rent a Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro Van New Jersey rent a Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro Van Florida Miami Fort Lauderdale Miami West Palm Beach Rent a Opel Vivaro - Van Hire Opel Vivaro - Opel Vivaro Van Rentals Van Hire newark NJ - New Jersey Van Rentals - Car Rentals newark NJ - New Jersey Airport Van Rentals - Newark Rental Cars - EWR Airport Van Rental 15 Passenger Van Rental in New Jersey - Newark 15 Passenger Van Rental - minivan rental newark nj - jfk airport minivan rental - rent 15 passenger van jfk airport - new york airport van rentals 15 passenger van rental jfk airport - 15 passenger van rental new york

 Would highly recommend these guys

My family were just recently down form Norway for my wedding in New York, however after the wedding, they had made arrangements to fly out of Orlando Airport instead, back to Oslo. I was a bit stumped as to how I would get everyone down to Orlando and thought the my only option would be a mass carpool or the bus for all of them, which I really didn’t want to take as an option. I researched online , which is where I found Image Van Rentals, and dilemma solved! I rented the monstrous 2007 Ford E350 just for the day to transport them all to New York, and this actually worked out considerably cheaper than if they would have had to buy individual bus tickets. The staff were a pleasure to deal with and the Van itself was a joy to to ride (have never driven anything that huge in my life) and impeccably maintained. It was a fantastic solution for us and I would more than highly recommend Image Van Rentals in future for their amazing service and quality vehicles. Many thanks, Magnus.
 July 22, 2008 by Magnus Home in New York, FL

 CHEAPEST Van Rentals in Miami and South Florida 15 PAX Vans

Great Place for 15 Passenger Van‎s For Group Outing in Miami Florida The Vans are New Ford E350, Chevy Express Vans, Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans and Conversion Vans. Excellent Place with good solid Policies and Great Customer service. We rented 4 15 Seat vans and 1 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 12 passenger van in the Fort Lauderdale Airport location and they collected the full size vans in the Miami Airport MIA

July 17, 2008 by South Florida Shuttle VIP Transportation Services in New York, FL

If you're looking for a vehicle with plenty of passenger room look no further than a 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental from The 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental Company! These roomy vehicles are perfect for transporting extended family and lots of friends, so be sure to reserve one in time for your next big road trip! Comfy seats and ample interior space make these extended van rentals perfect for lengthy trips, so forget about those measly minivans and SUVs! If you're in the market for a serious people hauler be sure to check out the selection of 15 Rental Passenger Large Vans available at The 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental Company.

A 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental from The 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental Company is perfect for all types of travelers, thanks to a variety of versatile features. Whether you're planning a family reunion or preparing to take the scout troop camping, a 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental is the perfect vehicle for any large group activity! With room to comfortably seat 15 adult passengers, an extended van rental is a must have for any New York event! 15 Rental Passenger Large Vans from The 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental Company are ultra affordable and easy to maneuver so don't delay one minute longer; reserve your 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental today!

What to Look for in your 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental

Depending on the make and model of your extended van rental you can expect to find some of the following amenities and features:

Comfort Options Inside a 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental from The 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental Company you can expect to find a variety of features designed to enhance driver and passenger comfort. From air conditioning to the AM/FM radio system, expect nothing but the best inside your extended van! Comfortable seating provides passengers with ample space including lots of leg room, so don't worry about feeling cramped or awkward! 15 Rental Passenger Large Vans were designed with your comfort in mind so be on the lookout for great features like an adjustable steering column and multi-way adjustable bucket seats.


  • Seating Arrangements Inside your 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental from The 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental Company you can expect to find plenty of comfy seating, along with sufficient cargo space. The most common seating arrangement inside an extended van rental includes two front bucket seats and four rows of bench seating. The first three rows of seating can comfortably accommodate three fully grown adults, while the rear seat is designed to hold four additional riders.


  • Engine Power Under the hood of your 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental expect to find a mighty engine, tuned for supreme towing capabilities. V6 and V8 engines are commonly used (depending on the make and model of van) so don't even think about traveling in the slow lane! 15 Rental Passenger Large Vans from The 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental Company are designed to travel at the speed of life, so get in and get ready - vacationing will never be the same once you've driven a 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental!


  • Handling and Braking Driving a 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental for the first time may seem like a daunting experience, but don't worry! 15 passenger vans boast great truck-like handling and sophisticated brakes, which are quick and easy to get used to. Increased visibility is achieved thanks to the vehicles higher center of gravity, while extended side mirrors allow the driver to see all the way to vans rear.

  • If you're interested in reserving your very own 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental from The 15 Passenger Diesel Van Rental Company please feel free to visit the Rates & Reservation page to being your online application. If you have any questions concerning the availability of the 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental please call The 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental Company toll free at 1-800-894-6102. The 15 Passenger Diesel Vans Rental Company also offers a variety of other great vehicles including cargo van rentals and great SUVs so go ahead and check out the online showroom link!